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Shunting with the Pug


Yesterday’s post was about an 0-4-0ST with connections to Durham miners,  a black sheep in the Lambton family, and Beamish. Today’s 0-4-0ST has connections of a different kind – hanging around on the side of docks or loitering in factory sidings was what the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway built them for – and from 1891 until 1964 that is what members of this class did, in Goole, Hull, Liverpool, and Salford. Post Nationalisation they searched out new docks and wharves to ply their trade, in Swansea, Bristol and Bangor.

Affectionately known to many as ‘Pugs’, these are such chumbly little engines that I have a model of one, made from coal, on the shelf next to my desk. In the photograph, a scan from one of my slides, No.51218 is dragging the former Metropolitan Railway coaches out of the sidings alongside the Vintage Carriages Trust Museum at Ingrow. Unlike the other surviving Pug L&YR No.19, which was sold on by the LMSR in 1931, No.51218 remained in, LMS and British Railways service until 1964, when she was withdrawn, from her final allocation to 87A Neath MPD, before being sold and moved to the K&WVR in 1965.

Currently in the queue for overhaul, at Haworth Works, hopefully it won’t be too long before she is, once again, rattling up and down the line at the K&WVR.

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