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The end was neigh

Fifty years ago, in 1967, I was hard at work on machines like this one, as a fireman, at 56A Wakefield (Belle Vue).  We all knew what was coming but were powerless to prevent it – the steam powered railway was doomed, the game was up. We were going to have a clean bright future – reality, however, turned out rather differently. For a great many of us at 56A our future as railwaymen looked anything but bright. The growing dieselisation was not only bringing job losses it was also destroying the ‘link’ system – so much a part of footplate life.

The growth of single-manning led to the creation of ‘the fireman’s link’. No longer did you have a regular mate, now you were part of one huge link comprised solely of firemen – you could end up working a different turn every day, with a different driver, and having started on days – end up on nights. Fun, it wasn’t, and men started to drift away, finding new jobs. It wasn’t just the steam that was going the work was too. More and more goods and coal traffic was moving on to the roads, resulting in caped turns, and train loads dwindling from 40 or more wagons to a mere handful.

Now we make normally ‘clean bright engines’ dirty, like No.90711, aka(90733), in this photo, which shows her leaving Keighley, just as the early morning mist beings to lift, with a goods working to Oxenhope.

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