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” Only the names have been changed “


Remember when? This photograph was taken a little over 20 years ago, not only is this now a twin track railway, back then they didn’t even have arms on the signals – yes it’s Quorn in the 1990s. The engine in the photograph, No.5080 Defiant, is, at present, a static display at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. According to the BRC website there are no current plans to overhaul her, which is a shame.

No.5080 Defiant actually started out as No.5080 Ogmore Castle a name which was  given to No.5056, then to No.7007, before finally ending up on No.7035. Constructed in 1939, No. 5080 Ogmore Castle went to Old Oak Common when new, before being transferred to Cardiff Canton, where, in 1941, she was renamed Defiant, like several other members of the class, after aircraft which had been a part of the ‘Battle of Britain’. Nos 5071 to 5082 all had their names changed to those of Battle of Britain aircraft. Swapping the names on the Castles seems to have been something of a pastime for the GWR as Nos 5043 to 5065 inc. and 7001 and 7007 also had name changes during their working lives.

Maybe what is needed now, for No.5080 Defiant, is not a change of name but a change of mind.

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