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White Rose – Red Rose


Lancashire & Yorkshire, ancient foes locked together to make money from mines and mills served, by the invention of the age, the railways.  There was nothing cloth cap about the L&YR, well not once it acquired some decent motive power and a capable CME. The L&YR came into being as the Manchester & Leeds Railway in 1836, with the line from Manchester as far as Litteleborough opened in 1839. Despite some opposition from the Liverpool & Manchester Railway the Manchester & Leeds began running into Manchester Victoria Station, in 1844. By 1847, through amalgamations, the M&LR had morphed into the Lancashire & Yorkshire.

In the 1870s the much bigger LNWR made attempts to amalgamate  the Lancashire & Yorkshire, only government opposition prevented this from happening, until 1922, that is,  when the LNWR did amalgamate the L&YR only for both to become constituents  the LMSR, in the Grouping’ of 1923

Before it was swallowed up, the  L&YR had a network of lines which crossed the country from the North sea ports on the Humber to the Atlantic ports on the Mersey. Naturally this involved owning docks and, eventually, a substantial fleet of ships too. In 1904 the ‘go ahead’ L&YR opened the country’s first suburban electrified line between Liverpool & Southport. Not too bad for a railway whose footplate crews were referred to, by other footplatemen, as ‘clog and muffler men’.

In the photograph Former L&YR 0-6-0 No.957, is about to enter Ingrow Tunnel on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway with a train for Oxenhope

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