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T’ old clog ‘n’ muffler

957millblkwhtOn a cold grey morning in the land of muck ‘n’ brass a wheezing, ancient, L&Y 0-6-0, with a wooden bodied 6 wheeler in the rake, plods up the bank out of Bradchester. The driver’s attention seems to be drawn to something beside the line, where his view isn’t obscured by leaking steam, maybe he spotted a rabbit – one for the pot.

The early years of the old Clog and Muffler were certainly no ‘goode olde days’, to quote from OS Nock; ” ‘He went to Bradford for to dine By the Lancashire & Yorkshire line; He waited three weeks at bleak Low Moor And when he complained the porter swore That he ought to have started the month before’… etc, etc. Nock says, ‘To sum up, the L&Y of 1876 was a railway of ugly inconvenient stations, of old broken-down engines and dirty carriages, and of a superlative unpunctuality, to which no pen could do justice.’”

However, the line was turning in a healthy dividend and, in the fullness of time, the L&Y did come good and even began the country’s first 3rd rail electric commuter services, between Liverpool and Southport, in 1904. As for me, I spent my last 18 months of railway service at Wakefield (Belle Vue), a former L&Y depot.

Above is the link to Part I of my memories of footplate life in the 1960s. The book about my lifetime of involvement with matters railway is still  available on Amazon – Below, is the link to that work.


Steam Age Daydreams began in 2014 and since then over 600 blogs have appeared on all manner of railway topics.  They are all still available to read in the ‘Archive’ section. I am writing this to let you all know that when the existing webhosting contract expires in December there are, currently, no plans to renew it – Steam Age Daydreams will cease.

These are some totally unsolicited comments from people who have already read  Gricing: Amazon Customer on 6 Jan. 2016 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase:  “Brilliant and interesting book”

By Amazon Customer on 17 Mar. 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Not a murder mystery, but one that I found hard to put down. One of the best additions to my collection of books about railways.

‘treated myself to a copy of “Gricing” for Christmas, excellent reading.’

‘I’m enjoying your book. It’s a real page-turner, thought provoking and great photos, to boot’

‘I bought and enjoyed “Gricing” etc and would heartily recommend it to readers’. 

‘I was given what I believe to be your book called “Gricing” the other night.  Very much enjoyed the book if it is yours!


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Shunting with the Pug


Yesterday’s post was about an 0-4-0ST with connections to Durham miners,  a black sheep in the Lambton family, and Beamish. Today’s 0-4-0ST has connections of a different kind – hanging around on the side of docks or loitering in factory sidings was what the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway built them for – and from 1891 until 1964 that is what members of this class did, in Goole, Hull, Liverpool, and Salford. Post Nationalisation they searched out new docks and wharves to ply their trade, in Swansea, Bristol and Bangor.

Affectionately known to many as ‘Pugs’, these are such chumbly little engines that I have a model of one, made from coal, on the shelf next to my desk. In the photograph, a scan from one of my slides, No.51218 is dragging the former Metropolitan Railway coaches out of the sidings alongside the Vintage Carriages Trust Museum at Ingrow. Unlike the other surviving Pug L&YR No.19, which was sold on by the LMSR in 1931, No.51218 remained in, LMS and British Railways service until 1964, when she was withdrawn, from her final allocation to 87A Neath MPD, before being sold and moved to the K&WVR in 1965.

Currently in the queue for overhaul, at Haworth Works, hopefully it won’t be too long before she is, once again, rattling up and down the line at the K&WVR.

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