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“Gricing: The Real Story of the Railway Children”


Available on Amazon using this link:

Below are some totally unsolicited comments from people who have read  Gricing:

‘I’m enjoying your book. It’s a real page-turner, thought provoking and great photos, to boot’

‘ I bought and enjoyed “Gricing” etc and would heartily recommend it to readers’.

and from another ‘satisfied’ reader’ – ‘ I was given what I believe to be your book called Gricing the other night.  Very much enjoyed the book if it is yours!’



The latest publication from Steam Age Daydreams


available from Amazon on this link:


Railway Tales



The Ebook edition of Gricing


the link below is to Gricing: The Real Story of the Railway Children, on


Hard Back Books


Forward! The Revolution in the lives of the footplatemen 1962 – 1996

Allan Sutton Publishing 1996

ISBN 0-7509-1144-1

Racing Trains (The 1895 Railway Races to the North)

Allan Sutton Publishing  1995

ISBN 0-7509-0886-6

Paper Back Books

How Steam Locomotives Work

Argus Books 1993

ISBN 1 85486 080 1

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