Not delivering the goods

I’ll probably get stick for this but, c’est la vie. If I’d spent my hard earned brass for a ride over the S&C behind classic motive power for the route, a ‘Jubilee’, and I was presented with an 8F restricted to 50mph, I’d be spitting feathers.  And if I’d travelled all the way from the Home Counties to do so it would be more than feathers I’d be spitting.

The 8F is a fine machine and I’ve worked coal trains over the Pennines with them, as a fireman in the 1960s. Yes some were ‘starred’ and could, if needs be, be pressed into service with a passenger train but, they were still 8F, not 8F7P, or even 8F5XP. In the meanwhile a real 8P, in the form of Ex-SR Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 No.35018 British India Line, trundles from York to Scarborough and back – What?

Still – not my engines and non of my business what turns they are allocated to. And it’s probably no more perverse than the LMS ? livery and BR crest sported by No.45699 Galatea.

Some of you might be interested to know that my book, Railway Tales, about my own footplate work during the last years of BR steam, is now available as an ebook here’s the link:

Steam Age Daydreams began in 2014 and since then over 600 blogs have appeared on all manner of railway topics.  They are all still available to read in the ‘Archive’ section. I am writing this to let you all know that when the existing webhosting contract expires in December there are, currently, no plans to renew it – Steam Age Daydreams will cease.

The book about my lifetime of involvement with matters railway will still be available on Amazon – Below, is the link to it.

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