One to savour

In the current drought and steam bans up and down the land I thought I’d share this image from a few years ago. A pair of main line favourites battling Druimauchdar, the last remanants of the snow clinging to the hill sides – a real, never to be repeated, highland drama. With No.70013 Oliver Cromwell supplying the grunt for an ‘off colour’ K4, No.61994 The Great Marquess, they are seen here less than a mile from the summit.

Later this year No.70013 Oliver Cromwell will come to the end of her ten year boiler certificate  and is set to undergo a fast-track overhaul. No.61994 Great Marquess, however, is a very different kettle of fish. No.61994 is already on her way to a purpose built museum, in Fife, where, in due course, she will be joined by No.60009 Union of South Africa, once her ticket expires. A state of affairs which leaves a great many people unhappy especially as the K4 is the only one of the class to survive. Losing two Ex-LNER engines further depletes the already scant number of  representatives of the LNER and its constituents. Not only that but, the very line No.61994 The Great Marquess was built to work over, the ‘West Highland Extension’, from Fort Willian to Mallaig is still enjoying timetabled steam specials for 2/3rds of every year.

Mr. Cameron is, of course, entitled to do as he wishes with his locomotives, but equally I think we are entitled to have our say nontheless. And I say its a shame to reduce these fine machines to static exhibits.

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