I arrived here, at Helwith Bridge, expecting to see Jubilee, No.45699 Galatea, only to discover that MN Class No.35018 British India Line was working the turn, the  York – Carlisle – York “Dalesman”, which is diesel hauled from York to Hellifield.

For reasons unknown the train was delayed leaving Hellifield and I was hoping to see the rockets flying, in an attempt to regain the lost minutes. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t crawling along but, I did get the impression she could have been worked harder – and, as many of you know, I do have some experience in these matters. The little feather at the safety valves would seem to indicated there was no shortage of puff to draw on, if required. I’m nit picking really, she was making a lovely noise, and 50 years on from the end of steam and 54 since I was a fireman on No.35018 British India Line, it is a privilege, and a minor miracle, that such sights and sounds can still be savoured.

And the real surprise wasn’t No.35018 British India Line turning up; no, the real surprise was that the delay provided just enough time for the sun to poke through the cloud – an on time passing would have been in a grey gloom.  You lose some – and you win some – today was win, win!!

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