Absent friends and the K&WVR galas

With the K&WVR gala now only days away I was looking back through some earlier events, this is from a bleak start to the 2011 gala, Jinty No.47279 passing the entrance to Haworth shed.

Earlier still is this scan of one of my slides, showing the LNWR ‘coal tank’, No.1054, with the Metropolitan coaches, passing what was I believe, British Mohair Spinners, Ingrow Mill. The chimny is gone and the mill is now flats, no idea what happened to the Moes.

From Autumn 2011 and the visiting guest is Ex-GWR 2-8-0 No.2807 with the newly outshopped L&Y ‘Club Car’,  which makes such a contrast with the rest of the stock, is seen here, in ‘top field’, as she heads to Oxenhope.

In 2009, at the Autumn gala, EX-L&YR 0-6-0 No.957 plods her way into the loop at Damems with the goods train. No.957 is being banked by Ex-LMS 2-6-2T No.41241 which, it is anticipated, will be fresh from overhaul and in her K&WVR colours, later this year, during the 50th anniversary events.

Unusually, for a guest loco, No.73129, visiting from the Midland Railway Centre, was facing south; she is seen here, about to depart from Oakworth, with a train for Keighley, during the 2010 gala.

And finally a reminder of absent friends the ‘weathered’ 90711 which, probably, ended up as a million packets of razor blades, is long gone. No.90711 was one of the very last engines of her class to work over K&WVR metals and she is, of course,  No.90733 in dsguise. No.90733 was, like this years ‘special’ guest, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell, to have bowed out at this gala – boiler issues have sadly meant she’s retired early for her 10 year overhaul – let’s hope it isn’t too long before we see them both again.

With Dundee in the background, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell, with one of the GB rail tours is dwarfed by the sheer scale of the Tay Bridge. It may be some time before we see such sights again and I leave you with this shot of, No.70013 Oliver Cromwell, piloting an off-colour, No.61994 Great Marquess, at the summit of Druimauchdar.

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