A day of two halves

The day was set fair – bit breezy, but cold and bright and there were runs North and South over the S&C; with 60163 Tornado going north with the North Briton and 45699 Galatea heading the Winter Cumbrian Moutain Express south. First stop Lunds viaduct, about a mile and a half beyond Garsdale, for 60163 Tornado. However, the best laid plans and all that, because, instead of 60163 at the head of 12 coaches we were presented with, what is colloquially known as a ‘Shed’ – No.66014 piloting 60163 Tornado. The reason for this was an electrical failure connected with the TWPS. Someone did kindly point out that the resulting picture does have rarity value but, this is scant reward for the effort involved. All was not lost though as the south bound run was yet to come. And as you can see from the photo the sun god was shining, a little less breeze would have been nice – but hey, you can’t have it all!!

Shed, steam, and sun, as you can see not quite the desired effect!  Some folk suggested that I photoshop the ‘Shed’ out of the photo however, there was one suggestion, from Phil Cowle, which I do like; “I’ll just choose to believe the 66 was sick and Tornado came up from behind and banked it to a siding!!”  You can see the headlines in the steam comics – “Tornado rescues stricken Shed”, “Thunderbird ‘Tornado’ is go” – or something along those lines!!

The good news for anyone with tickets for the Tornado event at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is that, according to my source, she was going to the NYMR once the train arrived at Tyne Yard, where she was booked to leave the train. The TPWS fault should not prevent her from working over the moors line.

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