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Ex-GWR Hall Class 4-6-0 No.4953 Pitchford Hall blasts away from Loughborough with a recreation of the Cornishman. Quite a few ‘Named Trains’ came to Leeds, where I grew up, in the 50s and early 60s, some, like the Yorkshire Pullman, Queen of Scots, or the West Riding arrived and departed from Leeds Central station whilst the Thames Clyde Express and the North Briton departed from City station – albeit from opposite ends of the station. In additon to these well known names there were one or two lesser lights, the Devonian and the Cornishman, and the latter has, at times, been the cause of some confusion.

This confusion arises from there being two services named ‘Cornishman’. The original ‘Cornishman’ was a GWR service from Paddington to Penzance which commenced in 1890 and finished in 1904. It was resurrected for a year 1935/6 and ceased thereafter. The ‘Cornishman’ which called at Leeds, originated in Bradford and served Kingswear and Penzance via Gloucester and Bristol. This service was initiated by BR and ran from 1951 to 1975.

In the 1950s, and early 60s this service was almost always hauled into and out of Leeds by a Jubilee. The leg from Leeds City station to Bradford Forster Sq. was usually hauled by one of the Stanier / Fairburn 2-6-4Ts and, if memory serves, the Fowler 2-6-4Ts also appeared on this working and both Holbeck and Manningham had allocations. And, there’s every possibility that the preserved Fairburn 2-6-4T No. 42073 actually worked the service as, in 1960, she was transferred to Manningham, from Huddersfield. No.42073 is pictured below emeging from the tunnel at Haverthwaite Station on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.

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