A salutary lesson

You’ve seen this photo before, I posted it on the 7th of October in the blog, ‘Hitting the Buffers’.  Quite by chance, I visited the Railway Grapevine page on Facebook and discovered this very photograph in their post on October 7th. The only difference was they’d cut off the bit with my (C) steamagedaydreams.co.uk. copyright logo and put their own in its place.

I made a polite comment on the post and waited, no reply, so I messaged them, politely. Their answer was to remove my comment on the post and block me from the page and from further messaging them. I ended up having to contact Facebook’s copyright team to get my photograph removed from the Railway Grapevine’s page. Naturally I have not received any form of apology for the theft of my image by the Railway Grapevine, whoever he / she is.

I don’t have an issue with sharing my photos and have, when asked, provided hi-res copies for both owning groups and for individual footplate crew. I don’t mind them being shared on other sites, or on Facebook, so long as they remain credited to me. However, I seriously object to my work being taken, without so much as a by your leave, not being credited, having my logo removed from the photo and then being effectively shut down from making any kind of complaint.

The Railway Grapevine say their page is ‘just for fun’ – well I’m not laughing. And nor should anyone else when this is how they behave.

Please feel free to share this post and alert other photographers  to the less than savoury activities of whoever is behind the Railway Grapevine page.

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