Close to the border

Love it, loathe it, or somewhere inbetween, wherever she goes No.60103 Flying Scotsman seems to raise opinions. Like it or not, few engines have had the kind of working life Flying Scotsman has had. There’s the confusion, amongst the general public, and elements of the press, between No.60103 Flying Scotsman the locomotive and the 10:00 departure from Kings Cross to Edinburgh – The Flying Scotsman. And the press and the publicity Dept. of the LNER have helped to create ‘the legend’ of both the train and the locomotive. It sold newspapers, magazines, and helped to put bums on seats, why wouldn’t they.

Crossing the border between the Flying Scotsman in the national pschye and her status in the world of preservation brings us to a very different view of No.60103 Flying Scotsman’s place in the ‘grand scheme’ of things. In this realm she is the wrong colour, with the wrong chimney, shouldn’t have ‘German’ smoke deflectors or the opposite, possibly a combination.  Better engines could have been kept from the same class, she cost too much to fix, she took too long to get fixed, some all or none of which may be true, ‘you pays your money and makes your choice’.

Do I have a preference? I quite liked them in BR green with a double-chimney, no blinkers but, I also like the Apple Green, single chimney, especially when combined with a set of teak coaches.

In this photo, she is passing over Lunds Viaduct just about to cross the border between Yorkshire and Cumbria with Sunday’s ‘Waverley’

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