Scot free

This is, I’m sure, the way most of us remember the Scots, in their Stanier rebuilt form, and in BR Green livery, almost unrecognisable from the engines designed by Fowler, for the LMS, in 1927. When I was growing up these engines hauled the principal express services, south to London and north to Glasgow, from my home in Leeds.  I had aunts and uncles living in Sheffield and, on visits to them, I  travelled behind quite a few of the Scots which were allocated to Holbeck during the 1950s and 60s.

No.46100 Royal Scot, the engine pictured, was allocated to 8A Edge Hill in 1946 and from 1948 until 1959 she was a Camden engine; in  in 1959 she was transferred to 16A Nottingham.  However, some of the Scots remained at the same shed from 01/01/1948 until withdrawn. Nos. 46102/04/05/07/21 were all at Polmadie and No. 46124 London Scottish was an Edge Hill engine for the same period. Some of the rarer allocations include, in September 1959, Nos. 46163 Civil Service Rifleman and 46165 The Ranger (12th London Regt.) which were allocated to Preston, they left 6 months later, in April 1960. A handfull were allocated to Canklow and some to Bushbury; Holyhead seemed to have allocations which lasted only a matter of weeks. Low Moor, (Bradford) and Mirfield were also unlikely allocations for a Royal Scot but several engines did spend short periods there in the early 1960s.

The Scot were are about to lose, No.46115 Scots Guardsman, spent time at Crewe, Carlisle, Upperby and Kingmoor, Longsight, and, for reasons unknown, 6 weeks at Springs Branch (Wigan), in June / July 1964.  I did hear, on the rumour mill, that No.46115 Scots Guardsman is to be ‘fast tracked through her overhaul’ – let’s hope so. Seeing and hearing the Scots, as they battle the northern hills and fells, is one of the sights and sounds guarenteed to bring back those care-free days of 1950s train spotting.

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