Scots 0 Black Fives 2

It seems the Black 5s, especially those operated by Ian Riley, are becoming the rescue remedy of choice – reliable, ubiquitous, and durable. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is the latest line to press a Black 5 into service, with the failure of No.46100 Royal Scot, on Wednesday evening. Thursdays duties for the Scot are now being covered by not one, but two Black 5s, Nos. 45407 and 45212, which is pictured above, with the NYMR’s Pullman Dining service, the 13:20 from Grosmont, rounding the curve at Beckhole.

No.45212 is the latest Black 5 to emerge from Ian Riley’s workshops,in Bury, and join the ‘main line fleet’. On the NYMR web site No.45212 is described as ‘providing support services for No.46100 Royal Scot’ and on No.46100’s first run, on Saturday 25th, she did act as banker. However, it is doubtful that a banker was actually needed, as subsequent runs appeared to be undertaken without one.

The NYMR describe Royal Scot’s problem as ‘minor’ and expect her to be repaired by Friday, which is handy as I was planning on going to photograph her again, on Saturday, if weather conditions are right.

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